London Brows prides itself in providing you with the very best lash and brow products.

We source from around the world to ensure that your lash and brow supplies are easy to work with.

We offer classes for eyelash extensions around the country. In the volume and classic lash trainings, 5 different techniques are used so that you are able to choose one that works best for your learning style.

We will teach you how to do volume lashes during your classic lash training. We find that our students over the last 6 months are doing amazing Russian volume work within a few months of learning classic lash application. In fact some of our new lash artists prefer doing volume over regular classic lash application. The lash industry used to tell us that you needed to do classic lashes full time for at least a year before attempting a volume class, I say hogwash! We will teach you both so that you won’t need to spend more money learning another technique, and you will have a head start in this business.

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