London Brows Step by Step Lash Lift Process

London Brows recently launched a safe lash lift that is registered on the beauty safety portal in Europe. This means that our lash lift will not harm your clients natural lashes. Our clients see very good results lasting 4 to 8 weeks depending on their aftercare. The process can be repeated every 4 weeks as […]

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London Brows Bespoke Lash Adhesive

London Brows Launches BESPOKE a Brand NEW Lash extension Adhesive It has been 5 1/2 years since London Brows set the lash world alight by being the first company to introduce a clear adhesive to the market. They were also the FIRST company to develop adhesives that work with low or high humidity levels. Kim […]

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Common Issues with Lash Extension Adhesive

We sometimes hear from lash artists that they are having issues with our adhesive, and that it must be a bad batch, or simply not good lash adhesive. We have found for the most part, that it is operator error that is the issue. We have sold tens of thousands of bottles of ADDY, so […]

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BROWN is the NEW Black in Eye Lash Extensions.

I have been using London Brows Brown lashes in 0.05 C curl for months now. When I am working on my regular clients lashes, I ask them if they would like me to create a balayage effect in their lashes. ALL except 2 have said YES! They absolutely have fallen in love with the look […]

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NEW 5ml Size ADDY Bottles available Mid July 2018

We have decided after many requests that we will now offer 5ml bottles of ADDY. These will be perfect for those lash artists who do not lash continuously, and don’t need a large bottle of adhesive. They will also be perfect for those of you, who like me throw away their bottles each month, ensuring […]

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Working with Sensitive Eyes Using Saran Wrap

This is the method I use to work with clients who have reacted or have sensitivities to adhesive with great success. Yes I can hear some of you shaking your head and saying ‘I will never do this to my client’. Well our ophthalmologist client says this method has her approval, as we use this […]

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The Discovery of Clear Adhesive in the Lash Industry.

We at London Brows have been selling CLEAR adhesive now for over 3 years, and were the FIRST in the industry to do so. Why? I stumbled across the amazing potential of the clear adhesive while I worked with brow extensions. Yes, brow extensions were a thing! Right? One day I asked a regular client […]

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London Brows Adhesives, oh how I love you!

When I first started in this industry, I tried most of the lash adhesives out there. I felt frustrated with the results most of the time. The final straw came for me last summer, when I was using a highly regarded adhesive, and the lashes were sliding off the clients natural lashes as I was […]

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