Cyanoacrylate FREE Lash Adhesive? Are Polyacrylates the Answer?

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I see companies advertising cyanoacrylate free lash adhesive. From personal experience exploring this avenue of cyanoacrylate free adhesive, I know that this is the dream for lash artists worldwide. Our team has been working on this for 4 years plus and we are still a few years out. We have the best minds in the world working on this program. It’s not easy!

First things first! Always ask for the SDS sheets for these NEW miracle adhesives! Why do I say this? Companies are using another ingredient instead of cyanoacrylates, something far more dangerous! It is called polyacrylate or acrylate polymers. This ingredient is used in nail polish and paint to name a few.

Sodium polyacrylate is toxic if swallowed and exposure to the eyes should be avoided. Polyacrylate crystals can be harmful to nasal membranes, and should not be inhaled. Wow! This ingredient is going to cause more problems than cyanoacrylate ever did. If you think you saw reactions in your clients before, this NEW breakthrough adhesive, will cause unprecedented problems in our industry.

Why did I write this note? I’m horrified that companies are taking advantage of lash artists, believing we are stupid enough to fall for this gimmick! Please, please do your research before you jump on any bandwagon and just follow the crowd.

Cyanoacrylate is still the best option world wide for lash extensions. Research teams  have spent many years and invested millions of dollars to find a substitute, and there is still no better ingredient out there, yet! Those who know me personally, know that I have integrity first, and will always find the best products for my clients and customers.


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