First Lash & Supply Store on the West Coast Opens in Seattle, WA

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It’s no secret that the lash and brow industry has exploded in the last few years. But, traditional beauty supply stores do not offer lash and brow professionals the specific products they use on a daily basis such as lashes, adhesive, brow pigment for microblading procedures and much more. London Brows & Lashes is the first to open a professional beauty supply store specific to this growing niche market.

“The lash and brow business is a very fast-paced industry and we don’t always have time to order supplies online and wait to have them shipped,” explains Kim Filion, founder of London Brows & Lashes. “Not having the supplies you need when you need them can mean the difference between getting a new client or making a sale.”

London Brows and Lashes is now open for business at their new location in Mill Creek, Washington – 16030 Bothell Everett Hwy, Suite 100 Mill Creek, WA 98012.

Products offered include a full spectrum of their own brand name lashes and adhesives to create a variety of looks from natural classic to glamorous volume. Lashes come in B to L curl with various weights and lengths. Adhesives include high humidity, low humidity, sensitive and the cult favorite among lash artists, clear addy. In addition, London Brows & Lashes will offer a wide variety of professional lash tools as well as after-care products.

“We’re really excited to partner with Baltic Brows to provide the best pigments and tools for microblading brows as well,” said Kim. “The brow market is expanding so rapidly and many lash professionals are now adding this service.”

London Brows & Lashes is the exclusive supplier of Baltic Brows pigments and micro-blading supplies. The pigments are like no other on the market – created to achieve perfectly healed, crisp strokes that do no bleed. They can also be used for the newest technique in permanent makeup, ombre powdered brows.

“The last year has been amazing for London Brows and Lashes and has exceeded my wildest expectations. This year is gearing up to be even better because we are now offering a full menu of lash and brow services for our clients as well as a world-class supply store and training facility,” says Kim.

All supplies can be purchased in store or online at

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