London Brows Cocktail lash set and how to achieve the texture

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My model Chloe has lovely strong natural lashes, that have 2-3 layers deep. I taped up her lashes to expose the bottom lashes and used the LB (London Brows) cocktail lashes in sizes 9-11-13. All the fans on the lower lashes were done using these longer lashes. On the not so healthy bottom lashes, I attached LB ellipse lashes in 12mm length. These ellipse lashes contributed to the texture I was hoping to achieve.

I did not use these longer lashes on the inner and outer 1/4. I left these alone so that I could use the shorter lashes in this area.

I removed the tape holding up the top lashes, and applied 7-9-11mm fans. Sometimes when making a fan in these lashes, all the lashes are short. I use these shorter fans on the inner most corners on the eye.

When I was going through the lash set, looking for any stickies, I would apply an ellipse lash to any lashes that had not been lashed yet. All in all I used around 15 ellipse lashes on each eye.

As you can see from the photos, I have done these lashes in various stages to demonstrate different looks for my clients. Some of my clients prefer a half volume look, compared to the fuller regular volume effect. By doing the one eye with full volume, and the other with the half volume, my clients are able to see which look they prefer.

I hope you ladies have fun creating your textured natural look.


Kim Filion

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