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Before/ After Lash Lift

London Brows recently launched a safe lash lift that is registered on the beauty safety portal in Europe. This means that our lash lift will not harm your clients natural lashes. Our clients see very good results lasting 4 to 8 weeks depending on their aftercare. The process can be repeated every 4 weeks as per your clients needs. We are adding a few new products into this process soon that will include a gold strengthening gel, and a black keratin laminator.

The LIFT#2 comes in a glass bottle that makes it viability much better than other lash lift products that are available. It has enough product in the bottle to do 25 or more lash lifts. This make the product very economical. I use a small spatula to remove product from the jar and place it into a glue ring.

I have tried to capture the step by step process that I personally use to do a lash lift. This process works very effectively for me, and I always obtain good results and happy clients, which is always the objective of any Salon owner.

#1 FIXER To Attach the Rods and Lashes

  • I start by getting the client to wash their natural lashes at the sink to remove all the debris and oils from their lashes
  • use eyepads to secure their lower lashes
  • apply 2 strips of Nexcare Gentle tape to their eyelids (this makes it easier to get close to lids, and super easy clean up)
  • then apply some Fixer with the included brush to the Nexcare tape, and wait 30 seconds for it to get tacky
  • position the rods close to the lash line and secure on top of the layer of Fixer
  • press onto the rods gently to make sure they are secure before moving onto the next step
Eyelids and Nexcare Tape securely positioned
Tape with perm rods attached.

#2 LIFT to Curl Your Clients Straight Lashes

  • apply more Fixer onto the front of the rods and allow 30 seconds for it to get tacky
  • using your Y applicator, start by going under the natural lashes and lifting and placing them onto the perm rods
  • make sure none of the lashes are overlapping each other
  • baby lashes do make it more difficult, but ignore them as they won’t hold when product is placed onto the rods
  • use a spatula to remove a little lash lift from the bottle and transfer it to a glue ring
  • apply #2 LIFT to the lifted lashes on the rods. The layer of LIFT should never be higher than 50% of the lash line
  • if you apply the product higher on the lash line, you will cause the FIX to dissolve and the lashes will come off the rods
  • the Lash Lift should be lift on the natural lashes for 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness of the natural lashes
Lash Lift #1 FIX used to stick the natural lashes to the perm rods
#2 LIFT used only half way up the natural lash line

#3 SEAL to Close the Lash Cuticles

  • remove the lash LIFT after you have waited for the product to process with 2 dry Q tips
  • use the pump bottle on #3 SEAL and dispense into another glue ring
  • apply #3 SEAL for 4 minutes to the lashes in order to close the cuticles
  • the remove the SEAL with 2 wet Q tips
  • allow the lashes to soak a little with the water for one minute
  • the FIX will turn white and will be easily removable using a mascara wand
  • the lashes will no longer be attached to the rods
  • gently remove the tape from the eyelids
Removing #3 SEALER from the lashes before soaking the lashes with water to remove the rods
  • dry the lashes with a fan
  • apply #4 SMOOTH to the lashes with a mascara wand
  • dry the lashes again while using a mascara wand to dry them upwards
  • your clients lash lift is complete and hopefully you would have added another happy client to your data base.

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