London Brows Fresh Start Lash Extensions Gentle

London Brows Fresh Start Lash Extensions Gentle


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This is available in our RETAIL section for you to sell in your salon for only $13 per bottle. 

We have improved the original Fresh Start formula and happy to be able to offer this luxurious foaming cleanser! It now includes 37 ingredients in a sterile formula. Fresh Start not only removes your clients waterproof makeup, BUT is especially formulated to extend the retention of their lashes. I have my clients wash their lashes at a basin before their appointment, and no other preparation is necessary. I can immediately start applying their extensions after I have taped their bottom lashes down. Fresh Start is formulated to increase the water levels in the natural lash. This makes it easier for the extension to adhere to the natural lash.

It also restores the PH balance in the eye area, thus preventing eye conditions such as blepharitis. If your client already has blepharitis, this formula has been used effectively to help remove the condition.
We have seen incredible side effects from our clients using this foam to wash their faces. Most of our clients with acne, report an improvement in their skin.

I also use this cleanser to clean the brow area before I start doing brow extensions. I double cleanse the area to remove all the dead skin and dirt. This allows the glue to adhere better to the skin and hair that you are attaching your extensions to.

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