Sensitive Clients using London Brows regular Clear ADDY Review

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This is from a review done by a lash artist. Her client had developed a sensitivity when she came into see Terrell. It has been really encouraging to know that this client is NO longer sensitive and she can now use the regular Black cap ADDY.

“Until recently I didn’t think it was possible for a sensitive client to continue getting extensions. You have a reaction then BAM that’s it for you!
But I had luck with this procedure:
Client has other allergies so, when I recommended taking Flonase before the appointment, which blocks all histamine receptor sites, she responded with, “I already have a prescription one like that”.I didn’t catch the name of what she used, but Flonase-like.
Then I used London Brows clear addy grey cap, and I expect other clear ADDY’s would also work(?)
During the appointment I had the fan running behind my right shoulder to blow fumes away from us both.
I used saline on a doe-foot throughout to refresh the skin above the lash line and try to help remove any fumes from settling on her skin for too long.
After I was done and after checking for stickies, I rinsed her with saline – straight up poured it on and dabbed it off with lint free pad, then I had her go to the sink and rinse again.
She said she had a little swelling the next morning but no big deal for her. “And,” she said, “I didn’t lose a single extension on my pillow!” like this was a first. She used sensitive ADDY’s before.
I’m totally stoked! The clients who react are always the ones who love love love their lashes.
Now I have a better option for her And for me…I can use this adhesive on all clients, not just her – so I’m not using a whole bottle of sensitive on one client every two weeks…which means I get 6 or 8 uses from a whole bottle.
Win/Win! Love London Brows xxx


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