Sugaring -What is Sugaring? We answer the most asked questions.

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What is Sugaring? What is the difference between sugaring and waxing? Sugaring is a trend that has a lot of people asking questions. In this blog we will talk about some of the most asked questions and fill you in on what sugaring is really is.

-What is the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Sugaring is much gentler on the skin, it only adheres to dead skin vs wax that takes off the first layer of skin, that’s why you can’t go over the same area more than once with wax. Sugar is also not hot like wax which is great for sensitive skin. It’s also great for people who get a lot of In-growns because unlike wax where you put the wax down going the same direction of the hair growth, sugaring is the opposite. So with sugaring you go opposite of hair growth and then pull in the direction of hair growth, so if any hairs do break off it won’t curl and turn into in-growns

-What is in the sugar?

The sugar is made from sugar, lemon juice and water so it’s very natural. Wax can have chemicals and other things added to it that can be harmful to the skin.

-What areas of the body can be sugared?

You can sugar pretty much anywhere where the hair can grow at least the length of a grain of rice because the sugar needs it to be at least a certain length to be able to grab into the hair and pull it off. When it’s too short either it won’t come off or the esthetician will have to go over the same area multiple times which won’t take off skin like wax but it can irritate the skin

-How long does sugaring last?

It depends on where on the body you’re sugaring but anywhere between 2-8 weeks, maybe even longer If you’ve been doing it a long time it’ll slow down in growth a lot. A lot more than wax and grows back slower than wax as well

-Who can get sugaring done?

Anyone can do sugaring as long as they’re not on blood thinners or retinol

-Who invented sugaring?

Egyptians, so it’s actually been around for a really long time

-Can you get sugaring done while pregnant?

You can totally sugar while pregnant I’ve had plenty of pregnant clients get it done before they give birth, but do note that you are a lot more sensitive when you are pregnant so it’ll hurt more than if you weren’t pregnant

-Why is sugaring more expensive the waxing?

Sugaring is more expensive because it is again more gentle on the skin, not as harsh as wax. Hair grows back slower and eventually you will grow less and less hair as long as you keep up with it and not shave in between appointments, also more natural ingredients. And the way it’s made and cooked is more work and time

Sounds like sugaring is the way to go!! Try sugaring out today! Visit our website today to book your appointment or call (425)780-9505.


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