Top 5 things to consider before choosing a lash training program

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The popularity of eyelash extensions has taken over the nation and with that comes a multitude of establishments offering various training programs – some are legit while others a waste of time and money.

To help weed out the good programs from the bad, London Brows & Lashes creator Kim Filion, offers these top five tips that should be considered before signing up for lash training:

1. Is the training company innovative and always looking to improve the industry?
Eyelash extensions have grown by leaps and bounds and you will only hurt yourself by training with a company that still demonstrates out-dated techniques. Is the company using 0.20 and 0.25 lashes or selling loose lash pots? This is a huge red flag. Run!

2. Do as much research on the teacher and class as possible.
Classes that are taught online or in just a few short hours are a big no-no. Lash extension training needs to be thorough and hands-on – a minimum of two full days. Also, be sure to check the student to teacher ratio with nothing more than 3-4 students per teacher. Do they teach volume? Are they accredited? Are you forced to buy their brand of lashes to stay certified?

3. Does the training emphasize the importance of eye health and safety?
An often overlooked area when it comes to lash training, but crucial. Without the proper knowledge, you risk exposing your clients to allergic reactions, infections, loss of natural lashes and more.

4. Check reviews and recommendations by your peers.
What better way to check out a training program than reading reviews and recommendations. Social media makes this part so much easier than in years past so be sure to do your due diligence.

5. What kind of continued support does the training offer?
Lash extension training is a learning process and if you are left on your own after training, this is a huge red flag. A good training program will offer continued support to help guide you to success.

Kim is a founding board member of the American Eyelash Association and teaches nationally with London Brows and Lashes.



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